I'm Alyssa, the photographer behind Alyssa Sachs Photography. 

As a photographer, I know that getting your photo taken by someone can be scary and a tad awkward. Let's be honest, I even feel uncomfortable getting my photo taken, which is why I strive to make you feel comfortable when you step in front of my camera. 

I am here for YOU. My job is to listen to your ideas, calm your nerves, tell you funny stories, make you laugh, and of course, capture awesome images that you want to share all over Instagram!

hey everyone!
I'm the girl behind the camera

My Style

My photography style can be described as natural, bright, and colorful. I often refer to my photos as "enhanced reality" because they look true to what you see with your eye, just better. 
My favorite place to take photos is in a grassy field with the sun shining behind you. Golden hour is my favorite time to shoot because of the soft lighting and warm tones.
(Everyone looks good during golden hour!)